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Wakizashi Sword

  • Measurements: overall length 22 inches; blade length 14 3/4 inches

The sword has a slightly wavy temper line, and a silver collar with gilt reinforcement panels. It features a moko pattern tsuba with raised floral and insect designs made from gold and green stone.

The hilt is adorned with a turtle shell veneer, with gilt insects on the fuchi, gold accented broomstick and fly menuki, and a pair of serrated gold panels securing the kashira, which is decorated with a bronze bodied, golden eyed frog perched on a green leaf.

The sword has a dark brown lacquered scabbard, adorned with white moths, gold accented insect themed fittings, a black suspension cord and a kogatana with 5 symbol signature on the blade and a scene of birds in flight over a body of water on the grip.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Rock Island Auctions